Six Reasons Why Broccoli Booster is a Must-Have for Moms with Young Children

Broccoli microgreens, considering their tiny size, hold an impressive amount of health benefits. Compared to adult broccoli, the microgreen form contains 40 times the level of nutrients by weight.

By Edith Thompson

Last updated June 16, 2024



1. Digestive Health

Broccoli microgreens are high in fiber which supports digestion and decrease bloating, ultimately aiding in better nutrient absorption and ease for young children's sensitive stomachs.

2. Heart Health

The fiber and potent antioxidants in broccoli microgreens support in the reduction of bad cholesterol and support artery health, which supports in the long term heart wellness in children.  

"I struggle with getting enough vegetables into my kids’ diet. The broccoli microgreens make it so much easier - I add them to fruit smoothies, protein shakes, egg scrambles, baked potatoes, etc. The kids can’t really taste them, so they don’t mind. My 16 year old adds them herself because they make her yogurt parfaits and avocado toast creations look cooler in her social media posts (LOL - hey, whatever it takes!) My youngest has issues with joint inflammation, and I do think she feels better when we’re consistent about adding these into her diet."

-Jodi M. Verified Customer



3. Immune System Support

Broccoli microgreens are rich in Vitamin C and essential immune-boosting nutrients, supporting in children's immunity against common infections and illnesses.

4. Mental Focus

Vitamin K and other antioxidants, vital for brain health, are packed into broccoli microgreens. They enhance cognitive functioning, supporting children in maintaining mental focus during critical development years.

"I’m so happy with the broccoli microgreens!! I’ve given them to my entire family, including the grandkids. It’s so easy to add them to soup and pasta….and throw in the blender in a smoothie! Such a great way to add nutrition to our food! Thank you for such a wonderful product."

-Ginny W. Verified Customer

5. Mild Taste

Our Broccoli Booster has a mild flavor that is easy to garnish, sprinkle, and mix into any meal, making it perfect for picky eaters. It is a simple way to support your child's diet with essential nutrients without them noticing.



6. Long Shelf Life

Freeze-dried broccoli microgreens have a shelf life of over a year, allowing you to enjoy their nutritional benefits for longer periods without worrying about spoilage for you and your kids.

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"This is such an excellent product. I am a fan and will spread the word to all of my family to buy it. Such great health benefits and easy to add in soups and smoothies."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jeanine, Verified Customer

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