The BeMicro Story

BeMicro's mission is to bring truly delicious and nutritious products to the Western diet by using all organic, whole-food, plant-based ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging. Greater access to microgreens, which have immense nutritional impact potential for humanity’s health and well-being, is BeMicro’s solution to making nutritional ingredients easier to find and incorporate in the modern American diet. 

How it all began:

Originally branded Beyond Microgreens, BeMicro began in a hydroponics farm developed by Stephen Cowan in his tiny Colorado apartment. Stephen took his products to his friends and community and soon started selling his fresh microgreens at local farmer’s markets. Eventually, he realized he had a problem, though. In the Colorado farmer’s market communities, many attendees are travelers. Stephen needed to find a way to make his product travelable. 

Thus began his foray into the freeze-drying process so that his product could remain shelf-stable and just as nutritious as the fresh plant. Stephen’s dried broccoli microgreens (Broccoli Boosters) were a massive hit—as were his other, more experimental products, Microteas. However, his apartment was getting a little cramped. 

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Why microgreens?

Microgreens are a phase in a plant's life when it’s about 10-14 days old. At this time, the plant is most concentrated with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other medicinal compounds, like sulforaphane (a powerful antioxidant and activator of biological pathways like Nrf2). This means that these young plants have just as much, if not more, health-impact than their elder relatives. They are also easier to consume—just sprinkle them on a dish or make a tea—and when freeze-dried, are easy to travel with.


How it’s going:

In Boulder, Colorado, Stephen was able to make business connections and garner support which helped him produce more microgreens and launch even more nutritious and delicious products. BeMicro is the latest version of his vision. Now backed by 3rd party science and research, Stephen’s goal to help individuals and families fill the nutritional gap in their diets is more achievable than ever. 

BeMicro is growing to include more products and expanding to enrich the lives of more consumers every day! 

Microgreens Farm Colorado Organic Broccoli Tea

Currently, Stephen serves as the Founder and CEO of BeMicro, and co-founder and board member of International Functional Foods Association (IFFA). His personal mission, to increase the consumption of and education on powerful plants, is well under way and gaining traction thanks to customers like you. 

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Pictured is our award for the 2021 Social Impact Startup of the Year from National Institute for Social Impact