Six Reasons Why Broccoli Booster is a Must-Have for Healthy Aging

Broccoli microgreens, considering their tiny size, hold an impressive amount of health benefits. Compared to adult broccoli, the microgreen form contains 40 times the level of nutrients by weight.

By Edith Thompson

Last update June 28, 2024

1. Gut Health

Gut health is important no matter what age you are.

Broccoli microgreens are high in antioxidants like beta carotene, lutein and quercetin, which newer research1 suggests are important for mitigating oxidative stress in the digestive system.  


2. Heart Health

According to the CDC2, the leading cause of death in the US is heart disease.

The potent antioxidants3 in broccoli microgreens, such as glucosinolates, can help reduce bad cholesterol and support artery health, promoting long-term heart wellness for older adults. Including these microgreens in your diet is a proactive step toward maintaining a healthy heart as you get older.

"I struggle with getting enough vegetables into my kids’ diet. The broccoli microgreens make it so much easier - I add them to fruit smoothies, protein shakes, egg scrambles, baked potatoes, etc. The kids can’t really taste them, so they don’t mind. My 16 year old adds them herself because they make her yogurt parfaits and avocado toast creations look cooler in her social media posts (LOL - hey, whatever it takes!) My youngest has issues with joint inflammation, and I do think she feels better when we’re consistent about adding these into her diet."

-Jodi M. Verified Customer

3. Immune System Support

Broccoli microgreens are rich in Vitamin C and sulforaphane4, a compound renound for its ability to activate Nrf2 (pronounced nerf-too), which triggers cellular defense mechanisms, and can help your body fight disease. Sulforaphane is only found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage.

4. Mental Focus

Vitamin K and other antioxidants, vital for brain health, are packed into broccoli microgreens. They may enhance cognitive function5, supporting you in maintaining mental focus as you age.

"I’m so happy with the broccoli microgreens!! I’ve given them to my entire family, including the grandkids. It’s so easy to add them to soup and pasta….and throw in the blender in a smoothie! Such a great way to add nutrition to our food! Thank you for such a wonderful product."

-Ginny W. Verified Customer

5. Vision Health

Broccoli microgreens contain lutein6, an antioxidant that can help protect vision, especially in older adults. It may even be able to help prevent7 age-related macular disease.

6. Long Shelf Life

Freeze-dried broccoli microgreens have a shelf life of over a year, allowing you to enjoy their nutritional benefits for longer periods without worrying about spoilage.

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"This is such an excellent product. I am a fan and will spread the word to all of my family to buy it. Such great health benefits and easy to add in soups and smoothies."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jeanine, Verified Customer

Daily Greens - we freeze-dry broccoli microgreens to preserve max nutrition.

A better taste - A texture and taste easy to mix with any meal.

Not outsourced. USA grown in small scale farms —free of pesticides and herbicides.

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What are the benefits of BeMicro?

Unlike many greens brands that source their ingredients from around the world, potentially exposing them to additives, pesticides, and herbicides, BeMicro partners with Colorado farms to grow the ingredients. We cultivate them in a fully controlled indoor farm located outside Denver, ensuring premium quality and purity.

Why do I need microgreens?

Studies indicate that a staggering 9 out of 10 adults fall short of consuming the daily recommended intake of greens. BeMicro offers a solution by being composed entirely of microgreens, which are renowned as some of the most nutrient-rich plants on Earth.

Can you provide a nutritional breakdown?

Our blend has been meticulously chosen based on the robust nutritional benefits identified in the peer-reviewed research sources mentioned below. We're currently in the process of finalizing our nutritional label for a comprehensive overview.

  1. Research from the University of Maryland's College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  2. Studies from the National Library of Medicine
  3. Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture
  4. Findings from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Where are BeMicro's products sourced and produced?

We cultivate, cleanse, freeze-dry, and package our greens within an indoor, completely controlled farming environment situated in Boulder, Colorado.

What's included in your Boosters?

Our Boosters from BeMicro consist of three distinct microgreen varieties: a dedicated broccoli variety, radish blend, red cabbage and a blend of all of them called Booster Blend.

Equally significant is what we exclude from our products. Grown in a meticulously controlled farm, our greens are nurtured without resorting to pesticides, herbicides, or any additives. This not only ensures a cleaner product but also makes them more sustainable than traditional organic offerings.

How are BeMicro's microgreens grown?

Our microgreens are grown in soil in a greenhouse in Colorado from organic and non-GMO seed, using organic fertilizers and nutrients, ensuring a product that's both of high quality and sustainably produced.

How should I best utilize the Boosters?

One of the highlights of our boosters is their versatile application – there really isn't a wrong method! While many adore blending it into their smoothies, others have taken a creative spin by incorporating it into sauces, soups, or even as an innovative seasoning, such as enhancing their avocado toast. So, feel free to experiment!

Is BeMicro suitable for children?

Absolutely. BeMicro is perfectly safe for children to consume. Given that it consists of just raw, freeze-dried microgreens, it's akin to having fresh green vegetables.

Many parents have found it a winning strategy to incorporate these greens into children's dishes. Popular choices include blending it into pasta sauces, mac n' cheese, and scrambled eggs.

Is it safe for my dog to consume Boosters?

Absolutely--sounds like you have a pampered pooch!

What exactly does "freeze-dried microgreens" mean?

Microgreens refer to young vegetables, roughly 14 days old, which are a tad older than typical sprouts. It's during this growth phase that they're richest in essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. By freeze-drying them, we effectively extract the water while preserving this rich nutrient profile. Learn more from our blog on freeze-drying!

Does the freeze-drying process diminish the nutritional value of the fresh greens?

Not at all! Scientific consensus indicates that only a negligible amount of nutrients are lost through freeze-drying.

In our freeze-drying procedure, we strictly avoid any additives or preservatives. This guarantees a product with prolonged shelf life that retains its nutritional value and has a flavor reminiscent of fresh microgreens.

What's the shelf life of Boosters?

Once opened, our product remains fresh for up to a year. However, given its benefits and taste, you're likely to use it up well before then!

What's the recommended storage method for Boosters?

It's best to keep them in a cool, shaded location. Ensure the lid is securely fastened to maintain their freshness.

Is daily consumption of BeMicro's Boosters recommended?

For optimal benefits from your microgreens, it's advisable to incorporate them into your daily regimen, much like any other healthful habit.