The Story of Microtea

The Story of Microtea

 You may have read a bit on how MicroTea was created just from visiting our site or following along on our socials (find us on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook @drinkmicrotea.)

But the story begins well before the first cup of our special tea was steeped.   

Stephen Cowan, the founder, and CEO of the forward trending brand Microtea has always been exceptionally health conscious and looking for ways to positively impact the world.

An exceptionally passionate urban farmer, entrepreneur, and software professional that is continually fueled by an unwavering drive to empower others through plants, Stephen currently serves as the founder of his very own microgreens business called Cowan Farms, where he specializes in hydroponic growing.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time outside biking, hiking, skiing, and yoga. In addition to these, Stephen is an avid travel and adventure seeker and has been to some of the most exotic and rare places in the world - including the Amazon jungles of Peru.

While in this jungle, he discovered the exceptional healing power of plants and when he returned home to his farm in Colorado, he began growing many different leafy greens and herbs hydroponically.

It was during this journey that he discovered Microgreens and their healing powers. Not only were they easy to grow, but growth time was exponentially shorter than the average plant and they had nutrients that were unparalleled by any other vegetables that are conventionally grown and farmed.

These super nutrient dense baby vegetables are not the typical 6-8 weeks old, but instead just  10-14 days old, and at peak of their nutritional content. This peak typically comes around day 14. The concentrated nutrients found in the microgreens are simply spread out to the larger plant. The larger and fully mature plant does not gain more nutrients after day 14 and is mainly water and fiber.

These baby vegetables are also very easy to grow and contain more nutrients than any other vegetable on the market currently. Plus, they're still hard to find, so you often have to grow them yourself to enjoy the benefits.

With this knowledge and a newfound love for microgreens, Stephen went all in on this new venture, utilizing his previous farming knowledge and love for bringing all things health and good to the world: and he got to thinking of the best way to merge incredible health with an everyday product that the average consumer could easily fit into their busy lifestyle.

That is how he created Microtea.

A simple, easy way to incorporate condensed nutrients into your everyday routine, delectably wrapped up in the tastiness of some of the best organic tea blends in the world.

Many ideas, various tests and countless hours of research have led to the delicious, (first of its kind) beverage that is taking the health and beverage world by storm.

From calming to energizing, Microtea is NOT just a tea. It is a nutritious, easy way to add health to your daily routine.  Infuse more nutrients and vitamins into your life without changing your routine with Microtea.

Picture of Stephen Cowan, Founder of Beyond Microgreens
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