New superfoods! A shortlist for 2020

New superfoods! A shortlist for 2020

2020 has been a roller coaster of a year by any standard. Nearly everyone on Earth has had to make changes to their daily routine. Sometimes in the middle of a big life change, it’s hard to make time for ourselves and to prioritize our health and wellness. But it’s so important to put your health first so you can keep up with the pace of life.

If you’re struggling to make healthy choices, here’s some fun options that can really boost your daily health–the top superfoods of 2020. Superfoods get a lot of attention in wellness blogs...and for good reason! Simply mixing one superfood into your daily routine can make big impacts on your health.

But what is a superfood, exactly? 

What is the definition of a superfood?

There are a lot of definitions out there for what exactly a superfood is. Most people will agree that a superfood is an all natural, whole food that contains exceptional amounts of micronutrients or some other necessary compound. Superfoods can also be a food that contains a hard to find nutrient often missing in a standard diet.

It’s important to remember that the term “superfood” isn’t a scientific term–it’s a marketing term for nutrient dense foods. Since there’s no scientific or medical definition, it becomes extra important to consider the research backed facts regarding things that are called superfoods. We encourage you to check our facts with the research articles linked throughout the blog.

It’s also important to remember that eating any one food, even a superfood, is not a balanced or healthy diet. It’s a cliché but it’s true: variety is the spice of life!

You may have read articles on superfoods like kale, walnuts, or blueberries. While those foods are certainly excellent for your health, in this article we’ll define superfoods as exceptionally nutrient dense foods that are also rare, little known, or hard to find. This shortlist will help you spice up your daily diet with some fun new health foods!


Superfoods of 2020 – the ultimate shortlist

Gerson Cifuentes coffee cherries
Chaga mushroom extract - Elysabeth Malenfont
Microgreens falling into a bowl
Kimchi in a bowl by Portuguese Gravity
    Payoon Gerinto - up close of matcha with whisk

    How to use superfoods in smoothies

    Superfoods make great additions to smoothies because they lend a big health boost to an already healthy drink. Additionally, drinking smoothies may make nutrients and healthy compounds more bioavailable. Bioavailability is the ability of some compound to enter the bloodstream, and it’s super important for bioactives to be able to actually hit your bloodstream for the food to be useful.

    Leafy greens are easy to use in smoothies, just make sure you use a mild flavored green like broccoli microgreens, baby spinach, or dinosaur kale.

    Cacao nibs are a fun addition to smoothies because they give just a slight chocolatey flavor with a big crunch. If you don’t want to add a chocolate flavor, try soft and nutty hemp hearts for a little bit of crunch instead.

    Spirulina is a great addition to smoothies because it has quite a mild flavor but powerful benefits. Try spooning spirulina into your next green smoothie for a beautiful blue-green color and a punch of nutrition.

    Green algae in water

    How to use superfoods for energy

    Superfoods could be considered inherently energy boosting since optimal nutrition leads to high levels of energy. The best way to use superfoods for energy is to take a holistic approach, in other words, mix superfoods into your regular, everyday routine while taking steps to boost your energy in other ways too. Harvard Health recommends the following for boosting your energy naturally:

    • Decrease stress
    • Get enough sleep, but not too much
    • Reduce alcohol and smoking
    • Drink lots of water
    • Eat low-glycemic whole foods, like protein and fats, for promoting sustained energy. Superfood options from our list above are hemp hearts, liver, and sablefish

    Are microgreens superfoods?

    It’s no secret that we love microgreens here at Beyond Microgreens. These delicious baby vegetables are truly a superfood–they’re nutrient-dense, sustainable, delicious, and beautiful. 

    While all the superfoods in this list are generally rare or hard to find, we hope that in the future microgreens (and all superfoods!) will be widely available so that everyone can enjoy delicious, healthy food.

    In the meantime, give the gift of good health–try gifting Beyond Microgeens this holiday season!

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